DaBear8 Bear Pix

*NSFW*. This blog contains male nudity. If you're offended by such material or are under 18 then please go elsewhere. The majority of pictures found here were found on the internet. I lay no claim to them unless they're of me in which case they fall under Creative Common License, which means you can't use them for commercial purposes. If you own/are in any picture and wish to have it removed please email me at dabear80@hotmail.com (I MUST have the 11-digit # and/or date, a copy of pic would help too) (remove the antispam.) or via the ask a question feature. You will need to provide the URL.
Most pictures will be of bears, cubs, chubs and hairy men in general but there are always exceptions. Redheads, blonds and long-hair men also get my attention as do blue collar types. Mature men will not be left out of the mix. You won't find any twinks or x-dressers. If any bears (or other real men) would like to submit pics to this blog please do so.